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Saint Cloud Cares is a network of local churches working with Saint Cloud elementary schools to provide food for children at risk of going hungry over the weekend during the school year. The Saint Cloud Cares food bag effort was originally inspired by the Green Bag Project. Those volunteering with Saint Cloud Cares gather, organize, load, and distribute the shelf-stable food items. St. Thomas Aquinas Church has been an active partner with Saint Cloud Cares since 2013.

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The Green Bag Project inspired the network of churches that makes up Saint Cloud Cares and the incredible team of volunteers that make the food bag program possible. 11.5 thousand meal sacks were distributed during the 2013-2014 school year to the 9 elementary schools of Saint Cloud.  This number was up some 4,000 sacks from the previous year and another increase is being realized for the 2014-2015 school year.

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There are plenty of ways to support Saint Cloud Cares’ efforts. Church congregations can be encouraged to have regular food drives to collect needed items. Volunteer teams can help bring collected food items to the central bagging location. Teams can also help with the sorting and bagging of the collected food. Others can participate by bringing the filled food bags to the Saint Cloud elementary schools.


Who is in charge of the St. Cloud Cares group at STA?

The St. Cloud Cares initiative at St. Thomas Aquinas is headed by Pattie Meli. You can contact her for questions at

What is the donation schedule?

The donation list for St. Cloud Cares is a revolving list each month - please check the weekly parish bulletin for items needed. Thank you for your generosity!
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Where can I drop off my donations?

Donations can be dropped off in the Social Hall lobby during weekend Mass hours. There is a large green box labeled "St. Cloud Cares" where you can place your donations.

What are the administrative costs of St. Cloud Cares for STA?

Every food item will be given to a needy student. There are no administrative costs to us—each person connected with St. Cloud Cares is a volunteer and receives no compensation for their work or expenses.

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